Reach Out Strategy Workshops For Your Team or Group

The Problem: We are all told constantly by bosses, mentors, and business books the importance of networking...but most have no idea how to practically do it. 

The Solution: An in-person event that will show your people how to hack networking. Using tips, tricks, and theories we'll go through examples of how to find a mentor, get a promotion, increase sales, make friends at work, increase visibility in your industry, and more. The least-boring, most helpful workshop - loaded with lots of examples from the participants in the room (I do this pre-work up-front). Everyone leaves with actionable, tangible takeaways and their own personalized Reach Out Strategy Plan, which includes: 

  • a love/don’t love career list that defines their own personal professional goals to guide their Reach Out Strategy
  • an understanding of the four main types of Reach Outs
  • a brainstorm of who they can start Reaching Out to that very day
  • a decision tree to help decide whether to Reach Out on email or social media
  • step-by-step templates to follow when beginning to grow their network 
  • scheduling and inbox productivity ideas to make networking a built-in part of their day 
  • PLUS: open time for Q&A to answer their most pressing networking questions

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