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Why are preorders important? A preorder is when someone orders a book before the book's official release date. All preorders are counted in the first week's sales of the book. The number of books sold in that very first week sends an important message to bookstores about how much attention to give the book - and we want Reach Out to get as much attention as possible :). So if you preorder Reach Out before it's release date on 9/29/17, I'm offering the below special offers as a thank you for believing in the book. After the book's release date, these preorder bonuses will no longer be available - ever!


  • Buy 1 copy: Sneak peek of the book. 
    • I'll send you the Author's Note and Introduction before the book comes out. These sections includes why I got a book deal, what happened the first weekend I moved to New York, how I met my mentor, where Reach Out Strategy can take your life, and more. 
  • Buy 3 copies: The above PLUS a free review of your digital presence via email.
    • Email me your career goals, links to your social media feeds, and/or your blog or portfolio website. Then, I'll send you back at least 3 (probably more) targeted suggestions for improving your digital presence to help you reach your career goals. 
  • Buy 5 copies: All of the above PLUS a 1:1 networking strategy call.
    • Together over the phone we will create and review your personalized Reach Out Strategy Plan that follows the principles in the book. Not guaranteed, but likely: if I know anyone in the space that can help you, I can connect you with them personally, too.
  • Buy 10+ copies: All of the above PLUS a video call with your book club, work team, classroom, or more.
    • You provide the people, I'll provide a book talk with plenty of time for Q&A. I love chatting with groups - this will be least-boring, most fun networking talk your group has ever heard. (Want me to speak in person instead of Skype? Contact me here). 


  1. Grab your copies! Preorder Reach Out (either hardcover or e-book) wherever books are sold, including: AmazonBarnes and NobleTargetMcGraw-Hill, and your neighborhood bookstore. Here's more details about what's inside the book, and here's business leaders endorsing the book.
  2. Then, fill out this form. I'll be in touch shortly to coordinate your bonus(es). Important note: all preorders must be placed before midnight on September 29, 2017 in order to qualify for the preorder bonuses.